About the Artist

“I have not earned the right to tell the
viewer what my painting is all about.
Imagination will!”

As a self-confessed Ultimate Life Voyeur I am blessed with many gifts of unselfish and open views into the souls of family, friends, strangers, nature and even myself. Be it a moment of eye contact with an unknown passerby, an intense and eclectic verbal or non-verbal conversation with someone I know and love, or even the light of the sun or the moon touching upon nature to expose its offerings, all are real, all are unique, all are beauty and inspiration, for each shared glimpse communicates volumes in its own special way. Each intimate story offered with deep feelings is captured, bundled and reflected back at the viewer in an individual statement of color, texture and emotion. To those who have shared the ultimate gift of their inner selves with me and to those for whom I have yet to enjoy the gift of their specialness, I offer my heartfelt thank you, for you are the rich colors of my palette and the bold strokes of my brush on the many canvases of my life.