More in Common

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More in Common

Sometimes we are blinded by preconceived notions and deep rooted biases which prohibit us from fully enjoying shared visions of what is important. We are too often  content not investing the time required to break past protective disguises and the din of idle words.  We choose instead to wade carefully into the shallow pool of things less important rather than diving deeply into the oceans of shared knowledge and emotional experiences. We opt to avoid journeys of soul to places where truths are laid bare within the fragile beauty of earned trust.  For in these special places of self we discover through open and honest sharing that our differences with others are far more alike than we feared. We find that such differences simply have to be viewed and accepted via shared visions in order to see and experience the magic of unguarded moments. For such journeys with others to these vulnerable places, even if for only a few fleeting moments can provide connections which will remain inside us forever.  A catharsis perhaps?  Dare we look beneath the surface layers of others to try to see through other's eyes.  Shared vision can mitigate individual blindness and open up a world of realization that we possess more in common with others than we thought we did.

24" x 34"
Mixed Media on Board


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