It Takes Heart

She braved the fierce storms of questionable norms and stepped outside her once forced zone
Where she abandoned the blah gray that had kept her at bay and now felt no need to atone
For the wardens of her keep who always prefer meek sheep had cunningly kept her in their cage
Where for years she did wonder why they'd always steal her thunder while she lived a sad life filled with rage
But she looked into her heart for what she knew was a part of who truly she was deep inside
And despite her perceived size a strong heart powered her rise above places where she used to hide
For all that she needed and had so often conceded was her power which was stolen and impounded
Now released there's a deep feel for all that's her true real and she accepts her past fears as unfounded
Understand it takes heart for such a journey to start as the first steps cause anxiety and fright
Yet at the end of life's showing she will have lived a life well knowing the moves that she made were so right

18" x 24"
Enamel on Canvas


© 2018, Jake's Studio