Il Piccolo Maestro
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Il Piccolo Maestro
(The Little Maestro)

I had a dream of a special little girl
With apricot skin, orange hair with some curl
Sitting there playing an instrument so grand
In a make-believe place, in a faraway land

The instrument she played brown, black and white
Emanated sweet music so beautiful and bright
They all started coming from the warmth and the cold
Her fine feathered friends some young and some old

The Penguinos arrived from lands all around
They came just to listen to that Emily sound
First there was one and then soon a large crowd
They squeaked and they waddled, her parents were so proud

With six months of darkness and six more of light
Il Piccolo Maestro performed into the night
She played all their favorites and some of hers too
A smile on her face for she pleased them she knew

With storybook colors and a canvas so white
I captured the dream and held on to it tight
I can’t be there now, so no hugs and kisses
But this painting of you comes with very special wishes


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